Our Vision

Our mentor program is designed to offer direct support and guidance to adolescents and young adults. The program caters to those in need of support, transitioning home from treatment, prior to going to treatment, or in need of structure and scaffolding in day-to-day life.  The students we serve strive to grow and achieve in areas of accountability, life skills, and self-confidence.  Our goal is to encourage the student to maintain the mind-set of continuous growth and achievement.  Our mentors understand the need for support and are there to help the family as well as help the student attain his/her goals and visions for the future.  The mentor’s approach is to connect on a personal level with the student.  Doing so will allow the mentor to understand what the student’s personal goals may be, help him/her define these, then create a plan to accomplish these goals with constant support and accountability.

What we do

Job Search and Career goals:

  • Creating a Resume; Writing a cover letter
  • Contacting and connecting with the appropriate people for employment
  • Learning to become financially independent

Getting involved in healthy recreational activities:

  • Finding a sports team or club to join
  • Finding extracurricular activities to create a routine/structure

Next steps in academics:

  • College search and applying to college
  • Tutoring (if necessary)
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills

Mentor as Advocate:

  • Giving him/her the best guidance to make the “right” decisions
  • Advising on how to cope with “out of comfort situations”
  • Support with sobriety (NA, AA, etc.)
  • Consistent communication with family