The practice of mentorship is always based on a relationship built with good communication and trust.  Although the definition of mentoring can be vague, many would describe it as an informal exchange of knowledge, experience or social capital.  

Over time our families have recognized the benefit of these relationships and implemented them in different ways.  The mentorship program at The Bodin Group is capitalizing on and developing new ways to collaborate with professionals and deliver a game changing approach to help define and implement strategies and scaffolding for our students.   Our goal is to help students understand themselves and execute a plan to further their skills and achieve their goals. 

Our team of mentors have struggled themselves and learned the skills to overcome obstacles in their lives.  Our skill based approach steps away from therapy and into a world of "getting things done."  We focus on obtainable goals and building skills in order to overcome issues such as social anxiety, executive functioning deficits, screen addiction, exercise and diet, leadership, job and resume building, and extra curricular activities.  

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